Co2Bit | Enabling Sustainable Energy
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Co2 Bit’s Sustainable Mission

CO2Bit Coin is a Secure Network Based Digital Asset created as a means to finance and promote the proliferation of profitable sustainable carbon neutral energy generation and to enable evolving participation in our global economy for all.

Additional profitable projects include the implementation of micro-grids to insulate communities, companies and dwellings from broad unplanned power outages or service attacks.

By purchasing and using this currency you help to finance the reduction of our global carbon footprint and bring sustainable power to disadvantaged people globally, including in the most remote areas of the world. By financing and delivering a service utility to users, much like cloud computing, previously insurmountable start-up barriers are mitigated.

Quantifying and Rewarding Environmentally Sustainable Behavior– saving the planet activities – motivating more responsible choices.

People Value –Participation in Global Economy – advancing their standard of living – with natural progression as they can afford, but with the acceleration that access to Energy provides.

Fiscal Return on Equity, albeit initially loosely connected, BUT inherently sustainable over a very, very long time.

Sustainable Value Appreciation Over Time

CO2 Bit EcoSystem

The technology behind the CO2Bit coin is similar to Bitcoin and based on secure and transparent blockchain.  Unlike Bitcoin, CO2Bit is being implemented as a PoS (Proof of Stake) currency that will not waste energy in CPU/GPU or ASIC mining.


Coins will be used to fund selected green energy projects as equity investments. Our website which will keep all stakeholders abreast of our progress is currently under development. Soon candidate project proposals for CO2Bit coin infusion can be communicated through numerous forums for evaluation by our implementation partners.

Co2Bit – A Sustainable Win for All Stakeholders

The CO2Bit Coin Network is a worldwide group of computer participants which process CO2Bit Coin transactions and write them into the CO2Bit Coin Blockchain ledger. Portions of each fee generated are used to invest in profitable green micro-grid sustainable power around the globe.

CO2Bit Coin can be bought and sold on various online exchanges for Bitcoin or other Alt or Fiat currencies or between individual wallets with no fees.

Micro-Grids enabled by CO2Bit Coin can utilize net profits to the system by buying back coin from the market.

Users install a CO2Bit Coin wallet application (and soon WebBrowser based) that provides their unique address to receive, send and store CO2Bit Coins

CO2Bit Coin “Stakers” enable the work that builds and maintains the CO2Bit Coin Blockchain, receiving CO2Bit Coin interest for their effort. (Proof of Stake)

Our Partners are committed to utilizing their net profits to fund periodic coin buybacks as a “pay it forward” mechanism to sustain additional projects. Additionally, CO2Bit Coin is providing generous initial interest payments to Stakers. It is anticipated that the coin will be traded wallet to wallet, redeemed with participating affiliates and exchanged for other currencies at a growing number of online exchanges